Everest Foods Company W.L.L. currently holds the Franchise for the following Brands from different countries:

Botswana Meat Commission, Republic of Botswana

BMC is a Parastatal and was established in 1965 to promote the development of the country’s livestock industry as well as the country’s beef and related products globally. Its headquarters is in Lobatse. The premises are an integrated complex housing an abattoir, cannery and byproducts plant as well as a tannery. Besides owning three abattoirs in Botswana, BMC has cold storage facilities in South Africa with marketing subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland and South Africa.

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Pingiun, Belgium

Pinguin offers a wide range of high quality vegetables, fruits and convenience products for retail, food service and food industry:

  • Vegetables and pre-cooked vegetables in all sorts of sizes, shapes and cuts
  • A wide range of frozen mixes from European classics to more exotic combinations
  • Organic vegetables cultivated without the use of any pesticides, with respect for nature
  • The best varieties of fruits and berries
  • Freshly frozen herbs to spice up your meals
  • Vegetable based top-quality, culinary meals, convenient cooking components and food solutions.

All products have one thing in common: they are grown, harvested and processed by Pinguin, full of passion for the products and with a continuous responsibility towards the environment (people, planet, profit).

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Lutosa, Belgium

Lutosa has been successfully involved in potato processing since 1978, during which time it has built an excellent reputation for product quality and outstanding service.

This business, originating from Belgium in the Western part of Europe, is the fifth largest European producer and ranks among the world's top ten potato-processing companies.

Lutosa manufactures and markets a wide range of frozen French fries and specialities (Pom' Pin, Duchesse, Spicy Wedges, Röstis, Mashed Potatoes, Tartiflette) as well as an organic range. It also manufactures pre-fried chilled chips and offers a ready-cooked range of pasteurized potatoes. Lastly, it produces dehydrated potato flakes

These products are sold to food service networks, via wholesalers, to large and mid-sized distribution retailers, and to industrial food companies.

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Golden Krust bakery, New York, United States of America

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill ("Golden Krust"), a privately held corporation, is a manufacturer and distributor of Caribbean food products and franchisor of Caribbean restaurants. The company's products can be found in its franchises, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, correctional institutions and food service facilities, sporting facilities, other retail outlets and at special outdoor events throughout the United States.

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill is the brain-child of Ephraim and Mavis Hawthorne; founders of Hawthorne & Son's Bakery in St. Andrew, Jamaica and parents of the present owners. They had no idea then, that their dream would one day blossom into a now global business with over 120 stores in nine states.

In 1989, Lowell, President and CEO along with his wife Lorna, four of his siblings and their spouses, pooled all their resources to open the first Golden Krust retail location on East Gun Hill Road in Bronx, NY. By 1996 they owned 17 Restaurants throughout New York City. The business became so successful that the Hawthorne's were encouraged to create franchises and they seized the opportunity to do just that.

In that same year, Golden Krust became the first Caribbean-owned business in the U.S. to be granted a franchise license. The pivotal year of 1996 signified Golden Krust's relocation to its plant in the South Bronx, eventually purchasing the entire block from 172nd Street to Claremont Parkway on Park Avenue.

Today, Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill operates a chain of over 100 Restaurants in nine states (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina and Massachusetts).

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